Week Report No 8

Week Report No 8

Jun 23, 2008, 2:47 AM |

I publish it late, for this weekend I was out of the town, frist in mauntains, then on the see, without my laptop. A short vocation!

 I reduced a number of games in progress: didn't start new games when old are concluded. As a result, at the moment I have only 4 rated games in progress. The most important reason is that I registered myself for the 3rd Chess.com Tournament (2001-2200). It need to start at Tuesday, 8 games simultaneouslly, and I plan to play them very serious, and as I wrote before, I concluded that 10-12 serious games simultaneouslly are enough for me!

I concluded two games. Lost against portuguese NM Reb. I had an oportunity to make a draw in the engdama. Unfortunatelly, I was hasty once again, lost a proper moment and when his king come to the center attacking my weak pawn, I found I am in trouble. I will send in the forum analysis.

Then I won a tournament game (2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000) ) against KEK - a nice attack as blacki in the french deffence. I have six wins in six concluded games, but I am still not sure for the 1st place in the group. I have a game in progress against derveluche, I strugle for a draw in an endgame. If I sucess, I ensure the first place!

My rating fall a little this week, from 2080 to 2078. Statistics:

Total              #71 +51-10=10
2300+             # 3 + 0-2=1
2100-2299       # 5 + 0-2=3
1900-2099       #11 + 5-3=3
1700-1899       #20 +16-1=3
<1700             #32 +30-2=0

I was succesfull again witn Tactic Trainer, and my rating arise  to 2232, rank #26!

As i wrote the last time, I am engaged in the vote game The Human Mind Against the Computer, on the human side of course! So far - so good! We are better!