Week Report No 10

Week Report No 10

Jul 7, 2008, 4:39 PM |

In the last week, I concluded only two games. One win (in the tournament - my 2nd win at the 3rd Chess.com Tournament (2001-2200)!) and one lost. My rating improved from 2099 to 2105.  Statistics:

TOTAL            #77 +53-12=12
2300+             # 5 + 0-3=2
2100-2299       # 7 + 0-3=4
1900-2099      #13 + 7-3=3
1700-1899      #20 +16-1=3
<1700            #32 +30-2=0

 i lost the game against stevedc (2354) for I was uncarefull and confused in the transition from an opening to a midlegame. His 13rd move was a suprise for me, I react to fast and uncarefull (I had a normal move, 13...Rf7), and then I continued to play confused - and after 20 moves it was lost... 

I am strongly ocupied with my profesional and private life last weeks and have no enoug time for chess. I planed to submit a series of my games in forums, but didn't realise it.

I was not succesfull at the Tactics Treiner. At the moment, I am at 2146 points.  

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