Week Report No 12 and 11

Week Report No 12 and 11

Jul 20, 2008, 9:17 PM |

LOL, stupid me! I realised now I submited my last week report, no 11, here under "blog setings" and not as a blog post! What to to? I wont to have it for a future. So, I put it here, as a  part of the some post, under the last report.

WEEK REPORT NO 12 (July 20th, 2008)

I lost one game this week, and my rating drop from 2090 to 2066. Cry I play only a few games, and still have problems: make simple mistakes, agaist strong players, and they punish me for it - weaker players make mistakes too, and I can win. As it' clear from my statistics, my result against stronger players is bad. (And you can see that rating is actually a good measure of skill, what some people doubt!) As I wrote before: I am not interested to  acumulate series of wins against much weaker pleyers, but to play against people of my level and better, and improve my  skills!


Total                #80 +54-14=12
2300+               # 5 + 0-3=2       20%
2100-2299        # 8 + 0-4=4        25%
1900-2099        #15 + 8-4=3       63%
1700-1899       #20 +16-1=3       83%
<1700             #32 +30-2=0       94%

So many other things in my life last two months, and I have no enough time for chess. I know I need time: I am not so fast as some people, to find good solution in a flash. And I am at the edge of my actuall skills, as I have been aware from the time I went beyond a 2000 poinst limit, and when I cease to play against weaker oponents (less then 2000).

I know I can be better, but I still have no enough time, and concentration, to work seriouslly and to improve my performance. I need not only to play, but aslo to study chess: a deep study of openings, and especially situations which apear in the most critical and the most interesting period of game: translation from an opening to a midlegame,  usually between 10th and 15th move!

I improved my result at Tactics Treiner again, and I am at 2223 point now, rank #32. As I wrote in the Week Report No 6, my goal is to stay at the first page i.e. among the best 50 - and I am here again!  Wink And still, I miss some problems I feel I need to solve! Sometimes I simple don't understand how it's posslible I didn't find an obvious solution. Yell My concentration fluctuate up and dawn.

I planed to submit a series of articles at the forum here, analysis fo my interesting games, I have realy interesting examples. However, I have no time for it too. I am sad for it, for I like to share my experiences and to discuss chess!

I cease to play both my vote games. I wrote about problems of this system before (see the Week Report No 4). It can be fun, but you will play not good games - hasty players can ruin all your efforts. It happened in the game The Human Mind Against the Computer: patzers voted for 18. Be2?? and it's lost. I can see in few sec that this move is doubtfull, however, the most of voters are weaker then me, and they outvoted stronger players. Yell (To be honest: I think also that the we, missed something between 10th and 15th move, and at the moment we needed to be carefull to preserve a balance.) I am unsatisfied with my own chess skill, I am aware my performance is full of imperfections, but I can see here why a little stupid me is still among the 2% best players at the chess.com! Undecided

Still, I think about become a treiner, for I am sure I can teach weaker players a lot!

Well, I am going to vocation now... At least a week without chess!


WEEK REPORT NO 11 (July 13rd, 2008)


This week I won one game, and lost one. My rating fall from 2105 to 2090. Both games on the 3rd Chess.com Tournament (2001-2200).  There are only  4 of us in  my group, and  I concluded  games against two of them, +3-1. And the last participant, cmontemu, play so slow that we can play next hafl of the year: he use at least two days for every mowe, and when he hesa only 5 hours left he use a vocation of few days...


Total                   #79 +54-13=12
2300+                  # 5 + 0-3=2
2100-2299            # 7 + 0-3=4
1900-2099            #15 + 8-4=3
1700-1899            #20 +16-1=3
<1700                  #32 +30-2=0

 I had a serioe of horible days at the Tactics Trainer. Long time ago (two weeks..) I had >2300 points, and then I felt <2100. I tried to solve puzles when I was nervous, not alone etc. At the moment, I am at 2111  and  I am angry and  dedermined to have >2200 poinst in next few days!