Week Report No 21

Week Report No 21


Two games concluded this week. First I resign a free game against sdepinto (2421). As  a white in Reti defence, he found a new move in 14th move and won a pawn. I resisted hard, but in 44th move made a mistake and must to resign. Then, I won my first game in the 4th Chess.com Tournament (2001-2200) - Round 1: As a white against Stone_Walled (2102). It's the oponent with the highest rating I won. My rating arise to 2032.Statistics:

Total             #99 +60-24=15
2300+            #10 + 0-7=3
2100-2299     #13 + 1-8=4
1900-2099     #23 +12-6=5
1700-1899     #21 +17-1=3
<1700           #32 +30-2=0

And also, an importanc conclusion this week at the 3rd Chess.com Tournament (2001-2200) (1st round, 1st group). As I wrote before, I concluded my games with 4 points from 6 games, and I needed to wait two last games to finish. cmontemu vs ozymandiasoz. Cmontemu needed 1,5 points to win the 1st place. At the end, it was 1-1, he has 4 points too, but I am 1st in Tie-Break.

I am excelent in tournaments: three tournaments, three 1st places in the 1st round! Total 23 games - 19 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw!

The picture is from the film The Lodger, director Alfred Hitchcock, 1927.