Week Report No 25

Week Report No 25

Oct 19, 2008, 2:28 PM |

Sunday evening, and it's time for the next week report! Hey - it's near to a half year I am here! I felt as it's much longer! Wink

First of all , I wrote an article this week in the forum, and I publish it also at my blog here: Women in Chess. Usually, I simple don't like discussion about gender issues, but I wrote something this time.

Oh yes, another one, I almoust forget: "Rusudan Goletiani" was not her realy!?. And it's interesting some people comented this week my old articles, about my games: A nice tactic for a draw! and From my practice: win a piece in an opening. The first one is about my game against my friend Gonnosuke, I made him strugle for a draw as a white - and he is No 3 here at the rating list now, rating >2600! Smile

Second important event: my friend payed a membership fee for me, and I am now a golden member! And I used it to try to solve around 100 problems in Tactics trainer in few days. Surprised My TT rating is still as usuall - around 2200. I am frusrated for I was unsucesfull to improve it, but still, I am among the top 50 players! Smart me! Cool

OK, and then the most important - chess competition! Wery sucessfull week: five games concluded - five wins! My rating rocketed from2067 to 2154 - my best! Laughing Rank #386. I wrote last week: " I expect good news in next few days, for I have a wining position in three games." However, unexspectedly, I won three games on time, in openings. Gloryglorymanunited stoped to play and lost a serios of games on time, I don't know why. We played two games before, both a draw, and I think he is a nice guy, I made jokes "I am Manchester City here and I will destroy you!" Tongue out And gmmjrf also lost one game, he was bussy he said - we still played 2nd game in the tournament.

So, my rating arised partially withaout my merit, but it happen to others too. I didn't include those games in my personal statistics below. I won two games regurarlly, and at the moment I have only five games in progress in two tournaments, and I have an advance of knight in one of them.


Total               #112 +67-29=16       73%
2300-2499       #  10 + 0-7=3            15%
2100-2299       #  19 + 2-12=5          24%
1900-2099       #  30 +18-7=5           68%
1700-1899       #  21 +17-1=3           88%
<1700             #   32 +30-2=0           94%

In tournaments: #36 +26-8=2.

I am succesfull in tournaments! The first round in five tournaments - in four of them, I win the first place and qualified for the second round. The second round is in progress in 2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000), and I have chances to win.

As I said before - I am very unsucessfull agaist stronger players (29 games agaist >2100 rating - win only two Cry), and very efficient againt weaker. I need to play less games, and study more. As a gold member, I can use chess mentor too! However, I can be a member for weaker players in the some time. I will try to wrote more articles again

And, as usuall in my week reports, at the end - aboout the picture of the week! Honoré Victorin Daumier: The Chess Players. I find it at artchive.com. The picture is here, and you can also read something about it's autor and watch other pictures of him..