Week Report No 26

Week Report No 26

Oct 28, 2008, 3:56 AM |

I take a short vocation from friday the last week, for I am out of the town, on a trip!

I still solve problems at Tactics Treiner, and I improved my performance at least: at the moment, my TT R=2370, rank #14! I like it! Cool

I concluded two games this week, both against ckexp at the 2nd Chess.com Quick Knockouts (2001-2200) - round 1 . Won as a black, lost as a white! In both games, attacker lost at the end for defender was sucesfull! My rating drop from 2154 to 2144.

I concluded all 8 games in the tournament, result +3-4=1, 3rd place at my group. This is the first time at five tournaments I didn't qualify for the 2nd round. Cry

I started to play at the new tournament, Aggression! Small one with only six participants, all >2100 rating points, and we play only one game with every oponent. At the moment, I have in progress five games in this tournament, and three in 2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000), where I strugle for the 1st place. I still wait for 2nd round to start in three tournaments.


Total:              #114 +68-30=16  67%
2300+               #10 + 0-7=3       15%
2100-2299        #19 + 2-12=5      24%
1900-2099        #32 +19-8=5       67%
1700-1899       #21 +17-1=3        88%
<1700             #32 +30-2=0        94%

Tournaments: #38 +27-9=2

At the end, as usuall, about the picture of the week: Sandro Del Prete - Impossible Chess Set. It's about optical illusions.