Week Report No 6

Week Report No 6

Jun 7, 2008, 3:05 AM |

In the first four weeks here, I played a lot. Then I concluded that I must to reduce my time spent at chess.com, for it start to ruined my other activities. I need not to use more then 5-6 haurs per day. (uuups - I meant per week!!! What a mistake I made! Surprised)

I concluded three games this week, making one win and two draws (both agaist oponents >2100 rating). My rating arised for 16 points, to 2067. Not so far from 2100, what is my next goal! Cool(However, I was uncreful and husty in some games...)

I concluded all 8 games at the first round of the French Defence Open Tournament, with 100% sucess. All games in my group are concluded in only three weeks, and now me and alfiloski are waiting other groups to finish, and to start the second round.

It is interesting that five of us had ratings around 2000, 1800, 1600, 1400, 1200. We played 20 games, and only in one a player with lower rating won. It show that rating realy means something!

If I remember correctly, a difference of 200 points in elo-system means that the stornger need to win 75%, i.e., of two games, let to say, win as white and draw s black. In Glicko system is similar, I think. So, we can say, a range of 200 points is one "class", "level" of power. At the world, the best OTK players have around 2800 elo-rating, so top class are 2600+. Here, the best have around 2500. So, "class A" are 2300+, and I am "class C", not so far from B! Smart me! Smile

 My result agaist various levesls of oponents:

total             #63 +47-7=9
2300+           # 2  + 0-1=1
2100-2299    # 2  + 0-0=2
1900-2099    # 8  + 2-3=3
1700-1899    #19 +15-1=3
<1700          #32  +30-2=0

 I play 10 rated games at the moment: five in the 2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000) (I won ther first three games), and six free games. As I search oponents with higher rating, an average rating of five oponents is 2177.

 I am no more so good in tactic trainer.  The fall to only 2100 points. Frown