Week Report No3

May 17, 2008, 2:55 AM |

For a crowd of my admirers Smile, it's my third week report! I submited it every saturday - here is the last one. (Just kidding! There are people who read it and track my activities; however, I make those notes for myself mostly.)

During the week, I submited some articles in forums, puzles mostly, with links here on the blog. The last one:  tactic to win a pawn in an endgame.

As I wrote:It isn't exciting to win agaist weeker players. My oponents become much stronger. In last seven days, I concluded seven games, the result is +3-2=2. An average oponent's rating was 1932, and my rating climbed up for 12 point, to 1993. I am in the top 500! Cool Against the players with a rating >1800 (and up to 2350) I played 13 games, result +5-4=4.

I lost one game (LydyaBlonde vs chess_lifelong) becouse a wrong evaluation of a possition in a transition from the opening into midlegame. I fatally underestimated a power  of black attack after 11.Bxf6? The second one (vamcan vs LydiaBlonde) I lost in one move (22... Qb6??), becouse a fall in concetration: I was aware (calculated it in advance) that Qb7 is needed to hold a possition (23. Qd6 Ne8). Then, in a moment, I forgot it. Stupid me. Embarassed

I made a draw in an excellent, sharp game against Genosuke, rtg >2300. As a black, I sacrificed and attacked. He defended preciselly, and at the end I needed to find tactical tricks to make a draw! It is here as a puzzle: A nice tactic for a draw!

 I started my 2nd tournament: French Defense Open

I am good in Tactics Trainer too. My tactic's rating  fluctuate around 2200-2300, and I am in the top 20. However, recently I find a second mistake (the first one is here): Problem ID: 0020924 - proposed solution is nonsense. My rtg drop for 47 poinss for it! Cry OK, no fatal! Tactics Trainer is excellent, a system of choosing problems depending on previous results and pointing results is, as I can see, good considered. Few mistakes are normal! And sometimes a problem rating (points need to reflect how hard it is) sound strange - f.e. problem 0023434 is hard (you need to find a series of moves!) and rating of 2167 is IMHO too small. In general, great job, guys from the stuff! Wish u all the best! Laughing

That all, folks! Wish u a great weekend!