President of FIDE Save Karpov from Kasparov

President of FIDE Save Karpov from Kasparov

Jun 13, 2011, 6:48 AM |

Current champion with a 5-0 lead, but followed the response of the young challenger.

When we have remained deprived of repeated fights between giants such as Capablanka or Spasky and Alekhine and Fischer, chess muse Caissa gave us five clashes Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov, the champion is considered the finest player of all time.

The first of those matches was in 1984. in Moscow. Played up to six parties received. Tridesettrogodišnji Karpov was at the peak of power, a brilliant year old Kasparov to the finals is very easy to beat all opponents.

''Strategic error''

After only nine parties, Karpov's lead to 4:0, and then, after 17 consecutive draws, he won the 27th game, so it was only a victory shared by the final triumph.

This victory could be discerned in the 31st party. Karpov came to the obtained position and, when they expected the end, there was a turning point. Kasparov has rescued a lost position, and in the next party achieved its first victory.

Then Karpov made a grave strategic mistake - should be rejected caution and do everything to win the last game, but, instead, waiting to meet draws Kasparov himself receives.

It did not happen. On the contrary, even after 14 draws, Kasparov won the 46th and 48 party and was created panic in the camp of Karpov and among the leadership of the Federation of the USSR, which it has openly supported.

''The longest match''

Exhausted Karpov rescued by the then President of FIDE Florensia Campomanes. His decision of the match was interrupted by the score of 5:3 for Karpov.

Explaining that after six months of fighting are all tired of the organizers, judges and the participants themselves, that played the longest match in the history of fighting for the title (the 48 parties are actually two common match of 24, as they often feature matches for the championship), Kampomanes , in the opinion of many, rescued Karpov.

''Continuation of 0:0''

The decision to close down the match without precedent in history caused many arguments and disputes. Campomanes announced that the match result annulled, it will be continued next year, but the results of 0:0, and that will be limited to 24 parties.

In the event of a tie, Karpov will retain the title in the event of defeat, will have the right to a rematch. Hereby, the current champion got everything, and Kasparov, who has finally found his game, stopped visiting the chess Olympus. However, only temporarily.

To be continued...