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Aug 10, 2011, 1:28 PM |

hi im in some great groups here on and im admin in a few to and enjoy interacting with my freinds on here or the people i playLaughing.

Any way i then came up with an idea for a group with my great pal (jerry) the chess ninja who's a great admin as well. We put our heads together and came up with the first group then it snowballed from there...Wink

The_All Uk Group

This is a freindy group where members from all over the british empire are invited to join and unite in one group.We are a freindly bunch that play loads of team match games and vote chess plus we have loads of fun games,puzzles and forums for you to join in to so why not join us we are fast growing group and always welcome new members whatever your rating if you cannot wait for an invite then click on the link below your welcome to join us......


Chess 101

This is an international group this is a fast growing group with freindly admins who welcome you when you join us. We play plenty of chess matches and vote chess and if thats not enough we have plenty of fun games,puzzles and forums to keep you occupied to. Also if you cant wait for your invite for this group you can also enter via the link at the bottom of this group to and agian we welcome any member and any rating but we are looking for high rated players for matches so please join us


Blue Lagoon

This is also an international group this is the newest out of the bunch we also play matches and vote chess and have a team of brilliant admins who help out and will greet you the minute you join.

we have forums and puzzles aswell for you to  join in. So if you enjoy your chess why not join this one to we take on board what the members want so if you cant wait for your invite as before click the link and join us


there is a forth group but im not advertising that one if you get an invite then your one of the lucky few.WinkTongue outLaughing


Well i hope you enjoy the groups as much as me and jerry did creating them so id like to thank jerry (the_chess_ninja) and all the admins for making the groups the success they are now so come on join the new family and play some chess.


Thanks from

Malvinstardust and The_Chess_Ninja  Cool


ok heres a new freindly group im with a all british one this group we are freindly and enjoy our british way of life here and chess of course so of your british and want a all british group then we are the group for you so come and join up Laughing

so come and enjoy all these groups more will be added as i go along