what the ?

Jun 22, 2011, 5:18 PM |

Right let me get all right so people can read this ok so here i go. Today i started a forum about cheating but unfortunatly it was locked down by them we cannot name.

But i have noticed other topic with the same theme still active but that does not bother me. As it was only ment to be a simple question to see if other players like your selves had noticed the same problems.

But instead i was attack personally for the way i wrote my topic although i said i cannot write properly due to a dissability ( because i can't spell it lol ).

But that was not good enough for some people reminded me of my grumpy english teacher but thinking it over im doing well for myself good job house and family.

My teacher said i would never amount to anything because i was thick and could not spell or write an essay properly but look at me today sir.

I am doing very well for myself and proberly earn more a year than he does so stick that in your pipe and smoke it

anyone for chess.......... :-)