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playing on with a queen down

Aug 27, 2009, 7:14 AM 14

this is something that puzzels me...i can understand playing on when sacing the piece or pieces but when you clearly are just being out played or you made a horrific mistake, what is the point!! YOU CAN'T LEARN ANYTHING,unless you are prepared to make the same mistake yet again[!??] and you found a way to drag the game on yet more moves ....in a fight they have a referee when one side is clearly dominating he steps in and calls the fight,in chess[now listen people] you are expected to have the sense to what is it called...resign,that is why the little button is there,unless your expecting your opponent to like maybe die of something or time run out on his or hers subscription...WHAT, just hit the button and stay down....trust me your opponent will thank you and you can go on.....and that is another one off my chest, thank you 4 your time.....

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