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what is a good opening

Jul 13, 2009, 10:00 AM 3

i have read many people write in on what is the best opening for them ?! in truth i have found it is like asking someone else to pick a movie or restaurant for you,everybody has there own taste and in chess you have to know your strength many of us can go into a game with a large advantage wither it be positional or material and still lose?! so in choosing an opening i would pick one that i would understand why i am making the moves and would guide me into a middle game that was at least even,and i would have a good chance with the end game,and since i am not looking to be a ''world beater''and just enjoy the game at my level, things get better as i play and learn the different parts of my game.i have heard others comment on they just play and learn, well that is good for a very few geniuses but for the likes of me, i play study[not much] as to why i lost and improve [hopefully] ,think about it chess is water ,it seeks its own level..we should be happy at our own level of play....and that is how you find joy in the game,along the way hopefully you find some friends.

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