Dec 1, 2014, 7:49 PM |

Consider the following points when you are playing a gambit against your opponent:

1.Attack your enemy and try to develope your peices simultaneously. So that only you can succesfully finish your game.

2.Try to gain tempos.

3.Try to open up the position of your enemy camp.(Uncastled position)

4.Try to sacrifices even more materials to get his king checkmated asap.


How to play against a Gambit?

1.when you are playing against an unknown gambit...its better to decline rather than accepting it.

2.Don't exchange your developed peices.

3.Don't open up your Position yourself.(So your position should be closed)

4.Develope your Backrank peices soon.

5.Last but not least...Castle your King and rescue him .

6.When you are behind in development..don't try to become active.

6from the attacks asap.


Reference: Gambit rules by GM.Igor smirnov and Myself