Live Chess World League: Iran Defeats Kazakhstan
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Live Chess World League: Iran Defeats Kazakhstan


LCWL got some close matches across the divisions in the first "Free Week" of this season.

Iran vs Kazakhstan

After a long time, LCWL had a match on Friday. Looks like, the Kazakhs didn't prepare very well for the season opener. They were largely outnumbered by the Persians in all formats. Knocking out the closest rivals, Persians are already looking favourite to reach the Championship pool!

Couple of days later, Kazakhstan defeated France with a huge margin. Being one of the largest team of Div.1, Team France suffered forfeit loss in the Rapid match! Probably they are following the Slovakian legacy and delaying the 'French Revolution' due to extended summer vacation

Scoreline stands 3-0 for all encounters of Div.1!

Serbia Scores Big Against Peru!

Serbia is the only team playing very solid so far. They got a massive crowd with so many masters and defeated the Peruvians quite comfortably. Earlier they defeated the Persians by 3-0, avenging their loss in the previous season. As a result, Serbs are currently leading in the division!

USA Ended Uzbekistan's Unbeaten Run!

USChess got a huge line-up and defeated Uzbekistan in the blitz match. That ended the longest winning streak (45 matches) in the history of LCWL! It was a busy weekend for the Americans. They beat the Uzbeks by a minimal margin, but suffered a bitter defeat against Czech Republic.

Outnumbering the opponent wasn't enough!

Australia vs India

Each time these two nations play, it reminds me of their Cricket rivalry. This contest was also equally entertaining as the Rapid match went down to the last wire! Unlike the top divisions, teams will face each other only once in Div.3 and Div.4. Otherwise, we would definitely love to watch another contest between them. Let's wait for the pairings of U1600 event 

In the "Free Week", Australia defeated Italy and India defeated Azerbaijan. Both teams should reach the Championship pool where they'll face the Top 4 teams of the western group!

Div.3W can be called the punctual division, as all the matches were played according to the schedule.

Some Interesting Games

Once again, French defense didn't work for the Frenchman! Can you find checkmate here?

Kazakh GM missed the winning move here and eventually lost the game!

Delivering checkmate with the bishop-pair is one of the rarest endgames. Aussie player didn't miss it.

Nice endgame from the Serbian player. Underpromoted twice to ensure a draw 

Stats Corner

Probably that's too early to present some stats. With Norway and Hong Kong joining the Friendlies League, we've got 55 teams in this season!

Unplayed matches of Div.1 could significantly improve these numbers.

LCWL directors have already detected 6 multi-team players! A reminder that the LCWL Rules state that each player shall play for only one team for the duration of the season.

Coming Next...

Russia vs Iran will be interesting to watch, as the Russians will attempt to avenge their previous season's 3-0 loss. Serbia vs Kazakhstan will be crucial for the Kazakhs if they want to stay alive in the race of Championship pool!

Canada vs Puerto Rico is going to be another close contest. Match links aren't available yet. Please make sure that you share the links on google doc asap. That'll help us to give some commentary

Cuba vs Costa Rica. This match can be the "title decider" of Div.4!

How to watch?
Most of the matches are played on Saturday and Sunday. Live commentary will be available on this YouTube channel for the key games which are played at around 11 a.m. Pacific / 7 p.m. Central Europe.

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