Untitled Tuesday and Saturday recaps - January

Untitled Tuesday and Saturday recaps - January


The January recap was written by @MangoMankey.

The Tuesday event was won by @Noki102 with 8.5/10, in close second was @MastaOfDisastaa with 8/10. 
@Noki102 quickly established lead in the tournament with 4/4. With the most important (possibly tournament deciding) win being against @MastaOfDisastaa:

In close second now was Untitled Tuesday regular @Miss_Tical who was on 3.5/4 with several instructive games.


The next key match-up was @Noki102 vs @Miss_Tical which has a rather amusing end. I'll start with two puzzles from the game:

(EASY) Can you find what @Miss_Tical missed?


(HARDER) Can you find the cleanest win for @Noki102 here?

Full rollercoaster game:

Sadly, @Miss_Tical didn't recover from this game and lost the next three games in a row and finished in tied 3rd with 6/10. Meanwhile, @Noki102 lost for the first and only time in round 7:

After round 8, @MastaOfDisastaa was leading with 7/8, @Noki102 was in second place with 6.5/8. I served as spoiler sad.png for @MastaOfDisastaa by late joining the event (and only playing @MastaOfDisastaa and not @Noki102):

I was punished for messing up the tournament standings by @strider23cpk in the last round:

(I'll leave the game without comments since white is lost after the 12th move; strider misses a lot but never lets me back into the game: )

@Noki102 won quickly vs @patzers in the last round, and @MastaOfDisastaa's opponent didn't make a single move so I'll include a final rebound game by @Miss_Tical and the biggest upset of the tournament (by streamer Mosharrof):



The Saturday event had an impressive turnout for the time at which it was held, but I do think the games were of noticeably lower quality.

Leading with 2/2 into the third round, @SmyslovFan flagged in a winning position after basically a perfect Advance Caro-Kann:

With @patzers and @Vladnitros-2005 leading with 3/3, a major endgame mishap occurred in the matchup of the leaders:

@SmyslovFan came back to win the next 4 games in a row in style as @patzers lost the next three games in a row.


Following the loss vs @SmyslovFan, @Willie9Lives won the next 4 games in a row as well!

Going into the last round, @SmyslovFan and @Willie9Lives were tied with 6/8. @Willie9Lives blundered a pawn vs @Miss_Tical and made a quick draw. @SmyslovFan won a rook ending vs @MikeChesser:

@SmyslovFan won the event with 7/9, @Willie9Lives came clear second with 6.5/9 and four people tied for 3rd (@freude34, @rooobce, @Miss_Tical and me) with 6 points, from which @freude34 deserves special mention for late-joining, scoring 6/8 and only losing to #1 and #2.

The biggest upset:


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