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Jul 20, 2012, 12:44 PM 0

Chess is a game we all love and respect, it's also a learning tool. My question, why do some highly rated players refuse to accept challenges? I agree with the maxim: you learn through your defeats. I've lost as many as (7) seven games to the same player before i won a match. Accepting challenges from lower rated players may seem a waste of time, but looked at another way: we are all teaching each other and promoting the game: especially to new players. How many times hace you started a match with an unrated player only to have the game 'won on time'. These players are the future and we should all encourage (via chat) the player, teacher, friendship aspect of our sport (chess). I have (3) three friends from Canada, Holland, & Israel who have help me enjoy the game, even though they have crushed me and i them. We chat all the time, and this has made playing a must routine of my day. I look forward to my matches. Hopefully, i can do the same for others. How about you!!!!

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