Offensively Defensive!

It's said, defense doesen't win games, offense does! Yet how about an old twist of perspective? I have a mind set towards passive defense, resulting in losses where after analysis indicated advantage was in my favor. Revamp my mind, and my game. This time around its offense (attacking the mind of my nemesis), to see overwhelming material positioned to strike creates a number of problems for the defense. I know, i've been here before. Now i am the attacker, and from my former mind-set (passive defense) i see i was my own worse enemy:i gave myself fits of rage trying to respond to positions i gave birth too by not attacking my opponent- position, strategy, and most of all mind. New mind-set, new game, more enjoyment, i love this game!


  • 4 years ago


    Your argument is too simplistic.  Instead a better option is to realize the opponent can see all the options of your plans.  Now, instead give multiple choices for what the opponent can do, all in your favor.  Depending on the choices the current defense may change to offense, or conversely.  It is an oversimplification to assume that certain moves can be categorized as either offense or defense, when they may be both or varying percentages of each.

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