Preparing matches

Oct 27, 2012, 4:33 PM |

Aproximately a month ago, me and a friend decided to play some 10|5 matches to prepare ourselves for the rapid tournament. However, most of the time we play 1|2 bullet or 3|2 blitz.
So, we also recorded all our games. You can find the games on Youtube links above the game. 

There's our first game. Time control: 10|2 (for the beginning). 

0-1. To be honest, I almost always lose the first game. But that's not good for continuation of the mini tourney. We decided to play 4 games, so I had 3 games left to show "the Kasparov comeback". The next game was not well-chosen moment.

Time control: 10|5, Site: School library (as ever)

The 3rd game started with interesting story. The evening before the game I sent him [to Jezersek] a game from Chess Olympics. I expected he would see it after the game, but (un)fortunately he saw it BEFORE the 3rd game. I didn't know that so I played a known line. No surprise!

Time control: 10|5, Opening: Sicilian, Pin variation, Koch

We probably both wanted to draw the last game. The result was 1,5-1,5. The last game was the best. Almost no big mistakes, interesting moves. And no captures!! I've never played any game without any capture. This was really funny.

Opening: Ruy Lopez: closed, Zaitsev system

Yeah, that's it. I hope you like it. Comments and questions below! Laughing