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Quick draw or draw by 50-move rule?

Quick draw or draw by 50-move rule?

Oct 1, 2013, 4:41 PM 7

Recently I played 2 interesting games. One with a friend and one from a tournament here on the site. These 2 games were both drawn, but all you need to do is to spot it. 

Some draws are obvious but others aren't. There's always a posibility for a small error. Most of the times it happens when there are still some pieces on the board.

Here's my first game where a quick draw occured. You may be in doubt if this really is a draw, but I'm 99% sure it is. Let's take a look:

The game you've just seen was bullet. There's no time to think about complex combination so a draw was actually a reasonable way to end the game. It was, to be honest, also one of my best bullet games ever played, most accurate!

However, but in long games, someone does not accept an offer because he believes he can still do something. There's a nice example:

So at the end it's a draw. But why not to try it. At least when it's not rook vs. rook endgame. 

I hope you enjoyed it! Smile

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