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Chess Assistant 13 with Houdini 3 PRO

Chess Assistant 13 with Houdini 3 PRO

Aug 9, 2013, 4:59 PM 0

Chess Assistant 13 professional package with Houdini 3 PRO is a unique tool for managing chess games and databases, playing chess online, analyzing games, or playing chess against the computer.

Chess Assistant has a long history of innovative and advanced analysis functions and now, with a built-in CQL search system, it has also taken the lead in advanced search functionality.

The Professional Package includes the best chess engine – Houdini 3 PRO UCI, Chess Opening Encyclopedia 2012, a powerful search system, a unique Tree mode, databases of 5.6 million games in total (as of November 1, 2012) and Premium Game Service 2013 (3000 new games each week by Internet), twelve months of free access (1 Year membership) at ChessOK Playing Zone and ChessOK Aquarium interface with advanced analysis functions (that you can connect to the Houdini 3 Pro engine).

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