Is it free? YES­, playing in Chess Live is completely FREE for lifetime

Is it free? YES­, playing in Chess Live is completely FREE for lifetime

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Aug 30, 2013, 1:40 AM |

Is it free?

YES­, playing in Chess Live is completely FREE for lifetime... Chess Live aims to be a very handy tool and, because this, it was eliminated any barrier that prevented chess players to enjoy their favorite sport.

For these reasons, we created a platform for online chess and this was made available for free and without limitations. Any chess player may enter, play unlimited games, get your own profile, send messages to friends and enjoy chess in a way never done before. The average user, well count on free platform chess, widely and with the characteristics described above, will cease to enjoy some features, available exclusively to VIP members:.

  • Problems Databases:A group of masters studied and analyzed thousands of games and then selected those most instructive positions. All of them are classified by category and level, offering to any chess player the possibility to train every phase of the game.
  • Play Tournaments:Weekly tournaments are organized in Chess Live (closed and eliminatory), thus putting to test everything learned from the problems and puzzles . These tournaments will count with the participation of masters, so chess players will be able to learn from the best.
  • Download PGN:All games played will be available to download. This way, you can save your games in your computer. .
  • Analyze with a chess engine:In addition that they can be downloaded, all played games may be analyzed with a powerful chess engine (Stockfish), allowing the user to find the mistakes and how to improve his/her strength..
  • Upload Games to Chess Live:This tool provides the possibility that all games played in real life by the chess player could be uploaded to the Chess Live Server, thus allowing the user to analyze and share them with the whole community..

What is Chess Live?

Chess Live is an online chess system that allows any chess player to play against others around the world for free. In addition, in Chess Live, all chess players have tools to start to play or to improve their strength. All with a just simple goal: Make that the world can learn and enjoy chess, as never before.

The main purpose of Chess Live is offer chess to the world, in a free, open and accessible way, to people from any country, sex, age, etc. Furthermore, Chess Live offers the opportunity to meet friends or share experiences and acknowledgements, while learning and enjoying chess, one of the most useful sports for a multitude of aspects of life..

And, Chess Live pursues an aim even higher than the above mentioned one. Not just that a chess player could learn and enjoy chess, but provoke that new people could get interested in chess too, allowing them to take advantage of the huge practical benefits of this sport - concentration, motivation, intelligence enhancement, prevention of brain degenerative disorders....


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