Winning with the Evans Gambit – Speaker: GM Gregory Kaidanov!

IM Maestro-Fermin
Nov 12, 2012, 2:04 PM |

GMGregory Kaidanov joins OnlineChessLessons.NET´s elite team as a guest speaker in this unforgettable video on an exceptionally complicated opening – the Evans Gambit! GM Kaidanov boasts a FIDE rating of 2590 and remains one of the strongest chess players in the US today. GM Kaidanov has won countless tournaments throughout his illustrious career – notably the World Open (1992), the US Open (1992), World Team Chess Championship (1993), North American Open (2001), Aeroflot Open (2002), and more recently the Gausdal Classic in 2008. Kaidanov earned the GM title nearly 25 years ago, and he utilizes his vast experience at the top levels of chess to instruct the beginner and intermediate chess player on how to dominate with white via the incredibly exciting Evans Gambit.


Text Commentary by GM Gregory Kaidanov: The Italian game (also known as Giuoco Piano) is the most popular opening on beginner/intermediate level. Employing the Evans gambit allows you to frustrate opponent’s plans and take him into unfamiliar territory. In this I cover the most likely responses for Black and show how you can attack your opponent’s king right from the start!

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