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Why passive aggressive SA's should be removed from this site!.

Why passive aggressive SA's should be removed from this site!.

Oct 30, 2017, 4:41 AM 6

Upon my return from hiatus it has become abundantly clear that some SA's have forgot that their position of power is purely superficial,no person here is voted in as SA before a group starts and no SA has the right to belittle his/her members,the funny thing is these SA's claim to be about equality while simultaneously belittling members of the group for not doing and thinking exactly as they are told to by the SA,some even claim to be fighting certain causes but I ask how?,how do these people do anything to stop the movements they rebel against in real life,sure they come here and give rants but I want to know if they have went to the people in their cities and actually tried to start a movement of the people against the evil tyranny they claim to oppose,if not then in my opinion all they are is passive aggressive,they are belittling members due to there own life's being so trampled upon by society or political regime but if these members feel so strongly about it,why are they here,why do they not spend every moment preaching to the people around them and opening their eyes.

To me it is all hypocrisy,it is angry rants from angry people using anti movements to justify their actions.

It is my personal opinion that these people should be removed from all SA positions and removed from the site for breeding hatred.

Hatred is the issue of the day,it separates us,builds more walls to knock down,it destroys harmony and causes ever more issues with in society.

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