Who Said Chess Is Nerdy?

Feb 11, 2011, 1:53 AM |

  Have you ever seen a show where the extremely intelligent characters play chess but are shown to the audience as geeks who do not have a life but to study?  Sounds like someone's bound to make fun of them (which may or may not be funny in the show, but that's beside the point).

















  If anyone says that Chess is a sport of the geeks and nerds, let me be one to say that it is not.  I have pride in saying, "I love chess" to friends and family alike but with the thought that I am not an overly, studious student who does not have a life.

  Let's flashback to my freshman year in high school (which seems oh so long ago).  I was a quiet, young kid who hated reading and would rather hang out with a couple of friends.  However, I wanted to play chess at the chess club on campus because it seemed interesting.  Nowhere was I near the collared shirts, pocket protectors, knee-high socks, or large, rimmed glasses that people have stereotyped chess players to be.  About four years later, I was still a quiet kid who hated reading and would rather hang out with a couple of friends but now with four additional years of experience with chess under my belt.

  "So you're saying that chess players don't wear all that geeky attire and aren't all that bright."  I'm not saying that there aren't people who wear collared shirts or large glasses to chess games or saying that chess players aren't studious.  Most of the time, my chess attire is composed of collared shirts.  Rather, the idea of being a "nerd" or "geek" because someone plays chess is so misconstructed.  Chess is a hobby and you don't need to be act like a high school "dork" to enjoy it.