People in the chessboard of life

Mar 21, 2008, 4:21 PM |

People in the chessboard of life:

Some people are:



They are weak, lazy and always nagging persons, who want all others to listen to them and protect them; they've got no power of themselves and in dangerous places prefer to escape.



It seems that they are powerful and self-sufficient, but in real life they are ruthless people to whom no one can rely, they are free people from the sense of belonging. Good characteristics of these kinds of bloke are that they will support their servants.



These people are like train lines, they are unidirectional and unchangeable and they see the world either black or foolishly white. They can not go with people of other colour. They are either good or bad. Their good aspect of personality is that one knows how to get along with them without making much trouble.



These guys are like wind, one day they prefer to go this way and another day that way. If you get friend with one of them, you'll travel a lot but after so many trips, you will soon understand you have moved just one block further, in other word you go nowhere with them. But they have good features as well, they can save your life by helping you jump over hurdles in some cases!



Working class of the chessboard, Supportive people whom you can rely on. These people are those who work for the good of life of themselves and others. That part of society that is always trying to improve, they are not satisfied with the situation and think that it could be better; they help others in their problems. They can become friend with every one no matter who they are or which position they hold.

They look at the situation and based on needs they transform to save others and not to improve personally. They do not ask others to give them anything, even when transformed they will never think of becoming King!