Would u care to read this?

May 15, 2011, 11:44 PM |

 This is what I believe….


I believe that there is a Supreme Power, Creator and Source of all things that “ what is”, therefore, all things must be appreciated irregardless of its form and being.


I believe that the real meaning of feminity is fetus with minimum faults, other meaning aside from this is a big flaw. Then woman do not need a title, do not need to struggle, do not need to argue. She is just always right.


I believe that we are all energies partly manifested in a physical form and our daily experiences are the results of our subconcious thinking.


I believe that our brain is ike a garden, if not cultivated  it would only produce weeds.


I believe that there is no Devil and all evil deeds are coming from man. (not woman).


That love = 5 senses + vibration (not vibrator).


I believe in “ law of cause and effect”; for every cause, there is an effect,  for every effect there is a cause, but the deciding factor is your focus.


I believe that there are different levels of heaven.  One of them is found in our heart.


I believe that chess stimulates brain orgasmus.


Comments are welcome but not subject for debate, please see my 2nd belief.