My short story

Feb 25, 2008, 7:27 AM |

I started playing chess in 1992 and quickly became a National master (in Nigeria) due to my love for the game. I stopped tournament chess in 1997 after several top finishes and decided to face my accounting career. Now, after over 10 years, I have returned to my first love, and I've started buying books and browsing chess sites online for the latest tournaments and games.

 I consider myself a positional player, opening with 1.d4 and playing the Caro-Kann, and King's Indian with the Black pieces. It seems so hard to prepare to face all sorts of opening lines now that I'm returning but I believe the strength of my middlegame will help, if I'm not crushed in the opening!!

I believe the talent flows in the blood, so all I need is a little practise. A friend recommended (in addition to other resources), so here I am.