Tal memorial in Moscow or why chessplayers do not believe in tears

GM Malev212

Moscow is big city and powerfull too. In US chess and power are not related to each other and only in Saint Louise we can see some powerfull local men during chess events opening ceremonies. In Moscow new president of the local chess federation was recently elected.  The person is powerfull and rich. How he made is millions and what is his ranking among other oligarhs is difficult to measure from outside. Some information may be helpfull  from this site. http://www.rumafia.com/person.php?id=87

One is for sure chessplayers are happy to see new cash and Kirsan with his connections attracts a lot of powerfull personalities.  Unfortunately he is not very popular in US. In latest news when Istanbul Chess Olympiad organizers banned US represetatives makes the cold chess war more eminent.  http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=8227

The Russian soul is supposedly opened in detail in the following movie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_Does_Not_Believe_in_Tears

Why this movie, because the history repeats itself only if you see it in the past.

The World Chess Championship match between Tal and Botvinnik in 1960 was held in Moscow and in game three Tal played the move 5.gxf3 and yes, he was lost but he drew and won the match. This was just psychological game, he just wanted to show Botvinnik, look I can even play like this.

During the 5th round game between Carlsen and Grischuk in current Tal's memorial the situation was slightly different, but I am sure that both players new that gxf3 was not the best move. I tribute Magnus to wake my memories. Interesting to know if Magnus new the above mentioned game. Kasparov being student of Botvinnik new it for sure, and he had some influence on Magnus. This makes chess interesting for me to find these connections and then a bigger picture is opening and you can wonder how strong the human factor in chess really is. Unfortunately chess players do not believe in tears.