US Ch first round

GM Malev212
May 9, 2012, 7:32 AM |

Dear chess aficionados,

I try to give time to time some comments on important events, like US Ch and ofcourse the World Championship match between Anand and Gelfand. First round in Saint Louise was very interesting, and my scepticism about the future of US chess is probably only my personal problem because I am not playing just watching. The games of big favourites. Nakamura still has energy, despite he was not so long time ago in Italy instead working with Kasparov, oops they are not working together any more but still Naka beat Hess with Kasparov help. In 1995 Kasparov beat in Riga supertournament Anand with the same opening. It is strange that Hess did not know what was coming, ofcours it is easy for me to say, because I playd in Riga as well. Nakamura ofcourse has more Kasparov's analyzes in his computer and they really work against not so professional opponents. Kamsky got the advantage from the opening with solid 6.Nb3 instead of more agressive 6.Bg5 and Ramirez did not find good plan in the middle game. I did not like the plan Nd7 and later Gata got the upper hand. Lenderman was lucky because Robson did not know the theory at all, still nice game by Lenderman especially the final touch in endgame h5 h6!!! Stripunsky got into chess history nothing more to say, he just did not have responsiblity or he had it too much, only he knows the answer. I try next time to cover more in detail all games. Just now good luck to the players and I try to point out some more interesting moments in later commentary.

Jaan Ehlvest