Blindfold special skills...!?

Blindfold special skills...!?

Oct 8, 2014, 5:25 PM |

Blindfold special skills toolingSurprised

May seem 'magic' or having special powers or the like;

the truth is that it is just TECHnique

achieved via SYStematic 'Mind Training'...

Allow me to forward a universal example:

I am sure 100% of you do remember perfectly your favourite film,

which you have PROBably seen hundreds of times,

after the 1st. 5 minutes we do 'see' the rest...

we do it unconsciously using 'LOGIC CHAINS', that is,

interpreting an idea or argument for each action,

so we are really using LOGIC instead of MEMory!!

This can be applied to any human activity, Cool

though CHESS, as Artificial Intelligence MODel, seems ideal LAB.

Allow me thus to INTROduce you to basic 'blindfold' TECHniques

with CHESS as Decision Making MODel:

1- Play a 'universal SYStem' regardless of 3rd. party's play.

2- Focus VISualisation on P structure.

3- Plan a 'dance-around' harmony for pieces around such structure.

4- Apply same LOGIC for 3rd. party 'translating' his moves to your LOGIC CHAIN.

5- TarGeT moves which enhance 1st. centre Ctrl., 2nd. outpost Ctrl. and 3rd. piece coordination.

6- Consider P structures as graphs or functions or drawings; NAMe them in a way that enhances your own LOGIC! For example: pyramid or triangle structure, mountain MODel, mountain range MODel, bathtub one, scissors effect and so on and so forth...

7- IDentify critical POSition when both P structures meet; THEN consider 3 main options: keep tension vs exchange vs blockade...

8- Simplify your ideas as much as possible via keyword use; such univeral tool is NAMed 'Word Linking Technique'...

9- IF you feel lost THEN try to REView it like 'your favourite film' tracking your LOGIC CHAINS...

10- Keep your planned harmony as SELF-Ctrl.

IF you think of it, it is 'pure CHESS', like 'pure poetry,

handling the GEOMETRICAL ESSENCE of the POSition,

similar to 'blackboard' strategies in sports or workshops...