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CHESS rules basics TeST Jnr. average

CHESS rules basics TeST Jnr. average

Oct 26, 2014, 1:45 PM 0

Trainer & author = Manuel GARDENES   Trainee =
http://blog.chess.com/Manu-Trainer Instructions: Fill only grey areas Date =  
No. CHESS GAMe rules Answer Diagnosis REMarks

(Rules basics & simple criteria)
(OK?) (Clarifications IF need be)
1 Symbol of Pawn? P TRUE Though P is NOT used for notation
2 Symbol of kNight? K FALSE  
3 Symbol of Bishop? B TRUE  
4 Symbol of Rook? R TRUE  
5 Symbol of Queen? Q TRUE  
6 Symbol of King? K TRUE  
7 Value of Pawn? 1 TRUE  
8 Value of kNight? 3 TRUE  
9 Value of Bishop? 3 TRUE  
10 Value of Rook? 5 TRUE  
11 Value of Queen? 9 FALSE  
12 Value of King? 0 FALSE Value of King focusing on ENDing
13 Are Pawns pieces? No TRUE  
14 Total Pawn No.? 16 TRUE  
15 Total White Pawns? 8 TRUE  
16 Total piece No.? 16 TRUE  
17 Total White pieces? 8 TRUE  
18 IF you touch a piece should you move it? Yes TRUE  
19 White's King starting square? e1 TRUE  
20 White's Queen starting square? d1 TRUE Queen always on its own colour
21 White's King's Bishop starting square? f1 TRUE  
22 White's King's kNight starting square? g1 TRUE  
23 White's King's Rook starting square? h1 TRUE  
24 CHESS notation = Piece + letter + No.? Yes TRUE  
25 How many Queens can you have? 8 FALSE  
26 How many moves has White on 1st. Move? 16 FALSE This question implies 'tree analysis'
27 How many pieces you move when castling? 2 TRUE  
28 How many points is a win? 1 TRUE  
29 How many points is a loss? 0 TRUE  
30 How many points is a draw? 0,5 TRUE  

A CHESS GAMe rules PERFOrmance = 83% -17% To improve...
B CHESS GAMe rules diagnosis = PASS Try as many times as you like...




















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