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CHESS square Ctrl. TeST for Jnrs.

CHESS square Ctrl. TeST for Jnrs.

Oct 26, 2014, 5:06 PM 0

Trainer & author = Manuel GARDENES   Trainee = 0
http://blog.chess.com/Manu-Trainer Instructions: Fill only grey areas Date = 30 Dec 1899
No. B) CHESS square Ctrl. Answer Diagnosis REMarks

(Square, centre & coordinates Ctrl.)
(OK?) (Clarifications IF need be)
1 How many squares has the centre? 4 TRUE Most board GAMes imply centre Ctrl.
2 How many corners has the board? 4 TRUE  
3 How many squares has the full board? 64 TRUE  
4 Is centre control more important than flank? Yes TRUE Centre vs flank dilemma...
5 Is centre control like keeping your balance? Yes TRUE  
6 King's kNight move options at the very start? 2 TRUE  
7 Which Pawn frees Q & B on 1st move? e TRUE  
8 Which White Pawn is weakest one? f2 TRUE  
9 Which is starting corner of CHESS board? a1 TRUE  
10 What colour is h1 (White or Black)? White TRUE  
11 Are a1-h8 plus h1-a8 longest diagonals? Yes TRUE  
12 Is a1-h8 dark diagonal? Yes TRUE  
13 Is h1-a8 light diagonal? Yes TRUE  
14 Which letter is King's file? e TRUE  
15 Name square where a1-h8 & c1-a3 cross b3 FALSE  
16 Which number Identifies the 8th rank? 8 TRUE  
17 Which is slowest piece? Pawn FALSE  
18 Are Pawns like legs? Yes TRUE GAMes vs sports comparison...
19 Are pieces like arms? Yes TRUE  
20 How many pieces defend f2 at the start? 1 TRUE  
21 How many pieces defend e2 at the start? 3 FALSE  
22 Piece development towards centre or flank? Centre TRUE  
23 Are CHESS corners SIMilar to Soccer ones? Yes TRUE GAMes vs sports comparison...
24 Are to main diagonals like a sort of scissor? Yes TRUE  
25 Is King's flank e to h? Yes TRUE  
26 Is Queen's flank a to d? Yes TRUE  
27 Is Nh3 a good starting move? No TRUE  
28 Would you take a P IF losing centre Ctrl.? No TRUE  
29 Develop centre Pawns 1st? Yes TRUE  
30 How many light squares are on the board? 32 TRUE  

A CHESS square Ctrl. PERFOrmance = 90% -10% To improve...
B CHESS square Ctrl. Diagnosis = PASS Try as many times as you like...

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