Dylan FOLEY Jnr. Irish Champ.!!

Nov 6, 2013, 3:58 AM |

Irish Junior Chess Championships 2013

u-8's Irish Championships

3rd: Dylan FOLEY !!


u-8's Championship, 2013

Twenty four young players took part in a 6-round swiss tournament and it was all 

over in a few hours. Despite each player having 25 minutes on each clock, all rounds 

used only half the allocated time.

u-8's Gladiators wait for 'go'u8's Results

 1st: Daniel Dwyer.........Irish u8's Champion

 2nd: Bryan Chan

 3rd: Dylan Foley, on tie-break

 Girls Prize: Emma-Louise Kenny

Cross Table

No Name Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 

1 Dwyer, Daniel 6 12:W 16:W 7:W 2:W 6:W 3:W

2 Chan, Bryan 5 11:W 3:W 4:W 1:L 5:W 6:W

3 Foley, Dylan 4 8:W 2:L 15:W 18:W 4:W 1:L

4 Furlong, Christopher 4 5:W 19:W 2:L 11:W 3:L 13:W

5 Tonita, Mark David 4 4:L 24:W 16:W 7:W 2:L 10:W

6 Ferguson, Daniel 4 9:W 23:W 18:W 14:W 1:L 2:L

7 Kirby, Con 4 20:W 13:W 1:L 5:L 11:W 14:W

8 Ramendik, Grigory 3.5 3:L 11:L 0:D 22:W 21:W 12:W

9 Whyte, Calum 3.5 6:L 21:D 24:W 12:W 10:L 19:W

10 Kenny, Emma-Louise 3.5 24:D 18:L 21:W 16:W 9:W 5:L

11 Hogarty, Grace 3 2:L 8:W 19:W 4:L 7:L 18:W

12 Ryan, Niall 3 1:L 20:W 13:W 9:L 19:W 8:L

13 Fennell, Pat 3 15:W 7:L 12:L 24:W 18:W 4:L

14 Comey, Darragh 3 16:L 17:W 23:W 6:L 15:W 7:L

15 Scallan, Cillian 3 13:L 22:W 3:L 17:W 14:L 21:W

16 Kecskemeti, Admira Aida 2.5 14:W 1:L 5:L 10:L 17:D 22:W

17 Foley, Daniel 2.5 19:L 14:L 0:W 15:L 16:D 23:W

18 O'Caoimh, Tadhg 2 22:W 10:W 6:L 3:L 13:L 11:L

19 MacNamee, Eamon 2 17:W 4:L 11:L 23:W 12:L 9:L

20 Danaher, Billy 2 7:L 12:L 22:D 21:L 23:D 24:W

21 Dawson, Anna 1.5 23:L 9:D 10:L 20:W 8:L 15:L

22 Doherty, Harry 1.5 18:L 15:L 20:D 8:L 24:W 16:L

23 Ni Chaoimh, Cadhia 1.5 21:W 6:L 14:L 19:L 20:D 17:L

24 Connolly, Amy .5 10:D 5:L 9:L 13:L 22:L 20:L

Daniel Dwyer won all his six games and clinched the u-8's Champions Title.

Bryan Chan came 2nd, and Dylan Foley made third on tie-break.

Emma-Louise Kenny won the Girls prize.


Irish u-8's Prizewinners

u-10's Championship, 2013

Some of the u-10's playersThirty players entered this competiton and it shows the wealth of talent for the future 

of Irish chess. Watching one game, a subtle queen sacrifice was offered for a 

checkmate. Then another surprise when it was declined !