Evan BYRNE drawing vs Trainer!!

Evan BYRNE drawing vs Trainer!!

Sep 2, 2014, 4:23 PM |

Most meretricious draw of Evan BYRNE vs myself

in 1st. round of personal match to the best of 3 GAMes!!

Manuel GARDENES (blindfold) vs Evan BYRNE - 2 Sep. 2014
1st. match (best of 3)
1.e4 g6 Long diagonal Ctrl.
2.Bc4 d6 Setting P chain so as to free both Bs
3.Nc3 e6 Blockading attacking B
4.d3 Bg7 Same REMark as move No. 1
5.h4?! h6 Zipper strategy
6.Nge2 Nd7 Developing in-behind P structure TarGeTing e5 outpost
7.Ng3 Ngf6 Linking Ns, playable, though planning ...d5! thrust via ...c6 seems stronger
8.f4?! Nh7? Serious ERRor, placing such N out of the GAMe plus allowing attacking chances
9.f5?! Be5!? Occupying such temporaty outpost with tempo due to direct menace
10.Nce2?! c6?! Trying to counter via ...d5 but without covering K's flank
11.fxg6 d5? Exposing K with NO need whatsoever
12.gxf7+ Kxf7
13.Rf1+? Ndf6? SELF-pinning
14.Bb3!? Qg8?! Better to activate R instead, otherwise it remains as passive piece
15.Rf3!? Qg4!? Challenging K's safety
16.d4!? dxe4? Idea OK but exchanging exposed B 1st.!
17.dxe5 exf3 Forced
18.gxf3 Qb4? Loss of time in a critical moment, so Black seems lost now...
19.c3 Qxh4
20.exf6 Nxf6
21.Kd2?? Losing blunder due to unpinning idea. 21...Rd8+
22.Nd4 Qxg3
23.Ke2? Qg2+ Exposing stranded K further
24.Ke1 Qg1+? ...c5! seems decisive!
25.Ke2 Qxd1+? NOT using the Q advantage against an exposed K...
26.Bxd1 c5
27.Nb3 h5!?
28.Bc2 Bd7!? Trying to activate B as soon as possible
29.Be3 b6
30.Rh1 Rh8
31.Rh4 Rag8
32.Kf2 c4? Allowing d4 outpost plus B pair mobility while weaking Q-side.
33.Nd2 b5
34.Ne4 Nxe4
35.Bxe4 a5?! Better a plan to activate passive B
36.a3? Ke7? Same REMark as before
37.Bd4 Rh6
38.Be3 Rf6? Draw seemed more prudent than losing such passed P
39.Rxh5 Be8
40.Rh7+ Rf7
41.Rh6 Rf6? Best to coordinate Rs along g-file!
42.Rh7+?! Bf7? SELF-pinning seems too dangerous
43.Bd4 e5? ...Rf4 + ...Rxe4 seems better than losing another P
44.Bxe5 Re6
45.Bd4 Kf8? Allowing a forcing line leading to advantage, so R on g-file should be activated instead
46.Bd5 Re2+ Forced discovered check to save position
47.Kxe2 Bxd5
Black proposes a draw which is accepted...

1/2 - 1/2