Gorey CHESS TEAM Champ. 2017...

Gorey CHESS TEAM Champ. 2017...

May 26, 2017, 3:02 PM |

Att. Gorey Chess quorum:

I would like to congratulate all those who played on Gorey Chess teams

in the O'Hanlon Cup and in the O'Sullivan Cup in the 2016/2017 season.

Both teams missed out on promotion by the narrowest of margins

and there is no doubt but that both Gorey teams will promote in due course... ?!
There was significant compensation in that both teams had very high scorers.

Many Congratulations to John Halpenny who was the highest scorer in the O'Hanlon Cup

with an amazing 9.5/10 = 95% score !!

John was awarded a 'Board Prize' and Anastasia Mohylna who scored a great 8.5/10 = 85% score!

was also awarded a 'Board Prize'.

For the O'Sullivan Cup team, Ciaran Considine scored 6.5/8 = 81% score!

and Robbie Burns 6/8 = 75% score!

whilst both John Lacy and Paul Tierney both scored 4/4, a 100% score!!


Please do remember that HIgh-PERFOrmance is 75% onwards...!!


Also do consider the most interesting sport training EVALuation paradox:

Results vs PERFOrmance... might be very different parametres...

for example, you might have won all GAMes (Result = 100%)

but post-mortem analysis indicates you made one critical ERRor in the middle-GAMe;

let us say in 30% of your GAMes... you were 'lucky' for the opponents did NOT see it...

therefore you Real PERFOrmance would be in such case 70%, so under HI-PERFOrmance.



Our Chess Club is very fortunate to have talented and committed players

and to have a friendly atmosphere catering for all on Monday evenings and on special occasions.

We wish St.Benildus A Team and our neighbours and friends in Enniscorthy Chess Club our congratulations and good wishes for next season.

Thanks and best wishes are due to everyone who played on the teams

and helped out throughout the year...


Congrats. to all involved in supporting our club

with special consideration to the 2 columns of the club,

both Captains...