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John LACY's CHESS gem...

John LACY's CHESS gem...

Nov 15, 2014, 4:44 PM 0
Joe FLOOD (1202) vs John LACY (1313) - IRL TEAM Champ.- 15 Nov. 2014 - Rathmines vs Gorey
1.Nf3 d6 Delayed centre Ctrl.
2.d4 g6 Long diagonal Ctrl.
3.g3 Bg7 Same REMark as before.
4.Bg2 Nd7 Safely developing in-behind P structure to support ...c5 or ...e5 counters.
5.c3 e5 Timely countering in centre claiming own space.
6.dxe5 dxe5
7.e4 Ne7 Developing while preparing castling.
8.Bg5? h6
9.Be3 0-0 K into safety.
10.0-0 b6 Setting a double fianchetto with idea to press e4 as demi-ISOLated P.
11.Nbd2 Bb7 Long diagonal Ctrl. with 'scissors effect' due to double fianchetto formation.
12.a4 c5? Weakening Q's flank with NO need plus allowing d5 outpost; whereas ...f5! won 'centre Ctrl.'
13.b4? Qc7 Same REMark as before, focusing on 'centre Ctrl.'!
14.b5? Rfd8?! Such R belongs to f-file because of ...f5! thrust, so dubious R coordination...
15.c4?? Nf6 Playable & good, though now ...f5! implies total 'centre Ctrl.' with great advantage.
16.Qc2 g5 Playable enough, though TarGeTing 'good B' via ...Ng4 plus allowing ...f5 seems stronger.
17.h3 Rd7 Planning R doubling.
18.Nh2 Rad8
19.Nb1 Rd3!? Extremely interesting R infiltration with idea of a long range Quality sacrifice in-behind...
20.Nc3 Rxc3!! Brilliant positional sacrifice to conquer centre plus d4 outpost considering B pair > R pair!!
21.Qxc3 Nxe4
22.Bxe4?? Typical losing blunder due to shock value of such inspirational sacrifice, with light diagonal at Black's disposal.
22...Bxe4 Now Black's B pair prove to be superior to White's R pair due to total centre plus diagonal Ctrl.!
23.Rad1? Nf5 'd4' outpost occupation would lock up Rs action for good...
24.Rxd8+ Qxd8
25.Qd2? Nd4 With 'monster' N on 'monster' outpost with cannot be dislodged NOR exchanged due to supported passed P.
26.f4? gxf4 Planning to activate Q along broken K's flank.
27.gxf4 Qh4! Killer positioning of Q, there is NO defence...
28.Qf2 Ne2+! Brilliant final tactical wrap-up, beautiful plus forcing...
29.Qxe2 Qg3+
Brilliant plus inspirational CHESS gem by our local champ.; which once more DEMOnstrates his Quality
whenever he feels duly inspired... Most enjoyable to follow live as Trainer... almost like reading poetry...



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