Mind GAMe AZ !!

Mind GAMe AZ !!

Jun 11, 2017, 7:03 AM |

Mind GAMe AZ SELection

AZ GAMe Play online PC program International Federation Irish Federation
  3 in a row (tic tac toe) http://boulter.com/ttt/ Ultra Tic Tac Toe    
  4 in a row www.mathplayground.com/connect4.html 4 in a row    
  5 in a row www.javascripter.net/games/xo/xo.htm frenju www.renju.net  
  8 Queens www.freewebarcade.com/game/the-8-queens-of-death      
  Battleships www.freewebarcade.com/game/general-quarters      
  Bridge www.arkadium.com/Games/web/bridge Wolfbridge www.worldbridge.org www.cbai.ie
  Checkers www.draughts.org checkersland www.wcdf.net  
1 CHESS www.chess.com GNU Chess www.fide.com www.icu.ie
  CHESS variants www.chessvariants.org      
  Chinese Checkers http://chinesecheckers.vegard2.no/online_2/cc.html Ch. Ch. Master    
3 Chinese CHESS (Xiangqi)   HOXChess  
  Dominoes www.freewebarcade.com/game/domino      
  Draughts www.draughts.org   www.fmjd.org  
  Flight Simulator        
4 GO www.cosumi.net/en Leela lite http://intergofed.org/ www.irish-go.org
  Hangman www.mindgames.com/mindgame.php?mind=Hangman&game=168      
  IQ Test www.y8.com/games/iq_test   www.mensa.org  
2 Japanese CHESS (Shogi) www.gamedesign.jp/flash/shogi/shogi_e.html BCMGames    
  Ludo www.freewebarcade.com/game/flash-ludo      
  Master Mind www.mah-jongg.ch/mastermind/mastermind.html Absolute M.M.    
  Maze www.freewebarcade.com/game/maze      
  MIND SPORTS     www.imsaworld.com  
  Pac Man www.webpacman.com Pacman 4000    
  Pool www.y8.com/games/deluxe_pool      
  Puzzle www.freewebarcade.com/game/puzzle-maniax      
  Reversi (or Othello) www.mah-jongg.ch/reversi/reversi.html Reversi game www.worldothellofederation.com  
  Rubik's cube www.freewebarcade.com/game/rubiks-cube      
  Simon www.freesimon.org      
  Stratego www.browserchess.net/stratego      
  Tangram www.freewebarcade.com/game/tangram      
  Tetris www.freetetris.org S-Tris 2    


Hereby Mind GAMe SELection for those interested in 'Mind Training' via GAMing tools...

Highly recommended for juniors instead of violent GAMes!

IF you practice at least weekly THEN you will develop LOGIC plus IQ!?

You will also be able to better understand 'Mix Strategies' (universal ones) as transfer skill.

Feedback most welcome