Own GAMes Problem Solving

Own GAMes Problem Solving

Jan 31, 2018, 6:16 AM |

Own GAMes Problem Solving


GARDENES vs BRIAN – IRL TEAM Champ.- Rnd. 6 – 20 Jan. 2018

White: Ra1, Kg1, b2, Bd2, Qe2, g2, h2, c3, d3, Rh3, a4, Bc4, Ne4, f4

Black: Bc8, Qd8, Rf8, Kg8, Rd7, Be7, f7, g7, h7, a6, b6, e6, Na5, c5

Do find White's most dangerous attacking sequence...


GARDENES vs RICO – IRL TEAM Champ.- Rnd. 2 – 7 Oct. 2017

White: Rd1, Kg1, a2, b2, f2, c3, g3, Qc4, Re4, h5, f6, Bh6

Black: Rb8, Bc8, Rg8, Kh8, a7, Qc7, h7, g6, c5, Ne5

Do find White's mating net...


HARDING vs GARDENES – IRL TEAM Champ.- Rnd. 5 – 25 Nov. 2017

White: Ra1, Rf1, Kg1, b2, c2, g2, Qe3, f3, a4, Bd4, e4, Ng4

Black: Ra8, Bc8, Ke8, Bf8, Rg8, b7, f7, c6, Ne6, a5, Nh5, Qh4

Do try to find Black's most interesting move, which implies an excellent sac.


JORDAN vs GARDENES – IRL TEAM Champ.- Rnd. 3 – 21 Oct. 2017

White: Ra1, Bc1, Ke1, Bf1, Rh1, a2, b2, f2, Qc3, Nf3, c5, h5

Black: Ra8, Ke8, Bf8, Rh8, a7, b7, Nd7, f7, Qb6, c6, e6, h6, Be4

Do find Black's most interesting and forceful moves...


GARDENES vs O'CONNOR - IRL Snr. Champ.- Rnd. 4 – 5 Jan. 2018

White: Ra1, Bc1, Re1, Kg1, a2, c2, Qe2, f2, Bg2, c3, d3, Nf3, g3, h3

Black: Re8, Rf8, Kg8, a7, b7, c7, f7, g7, h7, Nc6, Qf6, Bc5, e5, Bf5

Do find White's most forceful move which counters Black's setup...


MARTIN vs GARDENES – IRL Snr. Champ.- Rnd. 2 – 4 Jan. 2018

White: Qc1, Bf1, a2, f2, Kh2, Ba3, b3, g3, d4, f4, h4

Black: Kg8, a7, Qd7, f7, b6, Nf6, d5, Bf5, h5, e4, g4

How do you EVALuate such Q ENDing? Identify chances for both players...


CAFOLLA vs GARDENES – IRL Snr. Champ.- Rnd. 5 – 6 Jan. 2018

White: Rd1, Rf1, Kg1, a2, b2, c2, Bd3, Be3, Qf3, Ng3, h3, Na4, e4, f4, g5

Black: Ra8, Bc8, Re8, Kg8, Qc7, Nd7, f7, Bg7, h7, a6, d6, Nf6, g6, c5, b4

Do find positional-tactical move by which Black sort of refutes White's attack...