Jul 28, 2016, 6:50 AM |



I've been on maybe about 2 weeks now, which was interesting.

I really like the idea of getting better at chess again, since I haven't really played since high school. (which is like 15 years ago now)

For the most part I see chess now as a mind-exercise rather than a competition, something that can improve and stimulate my brain a little.


My goals are fairly modest at the moment:

1. Focus on improving my game in key aspects, especially end-game and tactics.

2. Get to the level where I can comfortably beat most/all casual chess players.


I think the thing I found most interesting in (re)starting with chess so far is how much of a memory component it has.


The 10 days of free diamond membership was really awesome and I will probably sign up for membership again in the future, but right now just need to play a bit.