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messy chessy

messy chessy

Sep 19, 2007, 10:20 AM 0

so yeah. this is my chess blog. i suppose i could officially be considered a nerd now, posting a blog on a chess website...

 well, here goes. i guess i should probably talk about chess, beings that this is my chess blog. so yes. chess. hmm.. that rhymes. ummm.. chess is a game of intellect. you probably already knew that. what else is there to say? hmmm... oh, i know. my favorite piece is the bishop (other than the queen, of course)... i think if i were a chess piece it would be the most fun to slide diagonally. hmm or the knight... it might be cool to jump over people.

you may think i'm weird now, huh? well i just might be. chances are no one but esteban will read this... so sad. but at least its not all for nothing.

messy chessy, yes. messy chessy.

 the end.

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