Win in the Sicilian.. as BLACK?!

Sep 8, 2013, 4:42 PM |

Clearly, the title may come to surprise to many of you who know me very well, because if you do know me very well, I'm not a fan of the Sicilian as black! I'm all in for it as white because of the eye-appealing pawn storm on the kingside that I've won many times from. But as black, it seems like a nightmare that I never want to dream of. But, it happened. DHLC's Learn the Openings tournament for the Sicilian Najdorf recently started, and I got black in this game against an opponent named prosperov. If you saw the end of the game, you could barely tell that it was a Sicilian! That's how crazy it was! Without further ado, here's the game.

Take a look at the tactic below to find the mate!