Another day..another game

Feb 4, 2013, 9:16 AM |

Welcome to my blog where I give you a round of chess games I played recently.

Following on from my previous post, today’s games were considerably better played, however, the level of play still remains the same. I did fall foul to some creative motifs but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday. Furthermore, I decided to put myself to the test by going against 1700 players in Bullet and Blitz chess - more on that to come.

Okay, let’s start with a selection of my Blitz games. I’ve picked two of my favourites that really could have done with some more thought. The first game ( In the first game, I used the defensive Caro-Kann opening for black since I really hadn’t played it that much, this opening is characterized by blacking playing c6. I just wanted to experiment with it and really didn’t consider why white made that move. I proceeded with the Caro-Kann and had some degree of control over the centre. Utilising a discovered attack I took white’s light squared bishop. Having previously noticed a hanging pawn, I ignored it and thought my opponent wouldn’t give it thought but he found it, this was the beginning of my downfall. The game went sparingly out of my hands and I made a huge blunder and lost my queenside rook, amatuer play.

The next game I played was a win, thankfully. I was really getting frustrated of losing. This miraculous game begun with quite a weird opening - I don’t even know what it was, I was trying my first game of blindfold chess. I tried to visualise the board but simple details kept going amiss. It wasn’t too bad, I was even in points and made an unsound sacrifice at one point to capture the opposing queen, who was in a very threatening position, I was indeed very happy with my first game of blindfold.

My bullet games can be found in my archive, located to the bottom left of my profile page. I challenged a 1700 to a game, out of sheer determination to combat boredom. It went alright, I wasn’t mated in the starting phase and at one point I had an advantage, but I stupidly misclicked which resulted in my imminent failure.

If you would enjoy seeing me making a fool out of myself playing blindfold, please comment below!

A special mention to Fraz for all her advice.