My Chess Career(beginning-present)

Feb 4, 2013, 11:23 AM |

I have always believed that planning is the key to successful execution.
I'm writing this blog to (hopefully) to detail my journey from lowly not-even-master-level to the highest rank of chess.I believe this is something I can achieve in my lifetime.I took inspiration for this Blog post from Geordie, a can-do National master who revisited chess after many years.I believe it's something I can achieve and I will give you some background information into my claim.

I'm 16 years old, born and raised in Northampton, United Kingdom. I first learned about Chess I was about 9 but didn't play more than once a year until my first school team tournament when I was 12. Somehow I managed to win 4.5/5 games (tieing for first!) It was then I was starting to show symptoms of Chess mania(now recognised by the World Health Organisation).

The next year, I moved onto secondary school and work came raining down. In the following year, I ranked third in a junior tournament at my local community centre and continued to play chess on online and just play with friends. At 14, I attended a boys-only preparatory school and this is where I first discovered my inner passion to play Chess, in contrast to the childhood infatuation.That was probably the highlight of my chess career. The chance I got to play students much older and more able than me really gave me something to go for. Eventually, I could beat
all of them!

Currently, I'm doing my A-levels, so time is scarce but I try to squeeze in as much practise as I can over summer holidays and other vacation periods..

My study regimen consists of reading about 1 chess book/week, playing over GM analysis from megabase, & about half an hour of tactics trainer / chesstempo per day. To play a lot of 5-min on ICC and I'll be doing more of that when I work on openings. I also have an IM friend who's willing to help me out a bit (although he thinks I'm crazy to want to be a GM). If anyone has any advice or book recommendations, I'd love to hear them!em!