Transition to Internet Chess

Mar 2, 2012, 9:41 AM |

This is my first year as an Internet Player, as I am more accustomed to Club Chess.

The two are very different styles of play. In Clubs I am used to playing quickly and have been involved in many Blitz and Rapid Play Tournaments. Also more recently I have been playing 'proper' slow chess for Lewisham in the Kent League, but I have found it really hard mainly due to concentration. I have also encountered problems in early internet games because I tended to play too quickly and make rash moves which obviously required more scrutiny. So beware the hazards of playing too quickly on the internet as you never know whether you are heading into a trap. Also make sure your 'traps', sacrifices, pseudo-sacrifices, exchange cascades and other tactical devices are sound. These are just my thoughts, if you wish to comment then I won't mind (just be nice).