2013 L.A. All City Scholastic Chess Championship!

Feb 18, 2013, 4:41 PM |

Hey everyone, I would like to share some games with you from a tournament that I played last Sunday. This was the scholastic championship for Los Angeles, and included about 170 players. I played in the K-12 Open section. My result was 3/5, which included draws against a 1600 and a 1700 and only one loss, against a 1780. I also beat two around 1100 rated players, raising my rating about 35 points overall.

The time control was G/30.

Here is the first round game, against a player that was unrated but about 1000 or 1100 strength.

Round 2: A draw against a 1600 player. I've drawn him once before, but never have beaten him. Some wierd positions arose from this game. 

 Round 3: Loss against a 1780. I messed up and dropped my knight early in the game.


Round 4: Win against a 1200. He tried to do Legal's Mate, but the position was wrong and I just won his queen! Laughing


Round 5: A draw with an almost 1700! This girl, Julia, is only 10, but she's really strong. Time pressure on her part came in handy for me near the end of the game.


I ended up placing 8th on tiebreaks, even though there were 8 people who had 3 points.

I hope you all enjoyed! In March I'm playing in two more tournaments, both of which are two days and much longer time controls. I'll be sure to post the games from those as well!