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2/2/13 and 2/3/13 Polgar 5334: 228-270, Chess School 1a: 391-402, BF: 140


Friday night lost in a terrible game against TheChessorcist. It was part of the Dan Heisman 45/45 slow chess quad thing. It's like I wasn't down materially but TheChessocist sucked the life out of my pieces and I could barely move. I really couldn't execute any type of attack or even put together a defense. He rendered my pieces impotent. Then slowly crushed me like a boa constrictor.

Yesterday, I spent time reinstalling a Windows XP/Parallels setup on my iMac so that I can install my old copy of Fritz just to help analyze this game and see where I botched it up. Today I will go through the  game and annotate it along with my thoughts and maybe some additional insight from Fritz.

I have to email this to Attila so that we can go over it in my next lesson. I don't want to get in this situation again. It's one thing go out fighting but to get beat down with an aluminum baseball bat in a cornfield by Frank Vincent while being while being held down by his goons is not a fun way to go out. See me and my brother Dominic get bloodied by Frank Vincent (aka The Chessocist) below. He buried us while we were still breathing just to make an example to the rest of the Quad.


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    Yea you moved super quick and took the bishop i knew you had overlooked it. Sometimes you just need to chill and think about things! don't get desperate in game, save that for huslers

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    Hi Chessorcist, I went over the game with Shredder the other night and during my lesson with Attila this morning. Trading the bishops for knights was bad and sort of crippled whatever plans I had but the major mistake like you mentioned  exchanging the queens. I was a few pawns down but at least could've generated some counterplay with the queen. Once I traded queens I had no chance. Attila, you and Shredder agree. The only reason why I did it was because I was so frustrated from being on the defensive all game and then when you sqaushed my main plan, I really didn't know what to do. I was desperate and not thinking. I got all emotional. Attila gave me some ideas about a different direction to go in instead of trading queens and it made sense, but at that time during our game, I was mentally defeated. Attila's overall suggestion is that the French Defense puts white on the defensive and since I can't deal with that, I should steer it to more a more open position and avoid the French Defense. I was so desperate to do something that I totally overlooked the mate threat.

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    well i had some thoughts on the game, outside of your initial error of 7. b3-- dropping a pawn and crumbling your position--- all i had thought really was to not trade queens, and obviously not fall into the bank rank ( obvious stuff) from your b3 move on though your moves all seemed natural to me, its just giving the dpawn and trading your light squared bishop for my knight were just 2 powerful negatives, i had a strong move i missed, i had 13 Qd1 Bb5--- winning an exchange because if 14. Re1 Bc5 with the f2 square falling

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