15, 16, 17 Tough

Feb 8, 2013, 8:58 PM |

2/6/13 and 2/8/13 Polgar 5334: 324, Chess School 1a: 448, BF: 220

Things are getting tough with the puzzles. Moved into section 3 in the Ivanschenko and 2 move mates in Polgar. Will have to cut back to 6 per day from each book, they are taking longer than the one move mates.

Found my Silman book and will run through those endgames along with Mueller DVD. Ran through the French Defensive games that Attila emailed me and will continue a few times per day until I get a feel for it. Also will watch a couple of the French Def. videos here on the site. I searched and found a few. Have game at 630 tomorrow in DHLC quad.