23, 24, 25: Trio

Feb 16, 2013, 6:20 PM |

2/16/13 Polgar 5334: 360, Chess School 1a: 485, LC: 3, WC: 36, Silman Endgame: Chapter 1. (Restart Mueller DVD Chap 2 tomorrow).

All going well. Found a couple of old Convekta tactics CDs and played with the for about an hour while watching the new Footloose on Netflix with my wife. This is a rare case where the remake is a bit better than the original but really, did Footloose need a remake the orignal was pretty bad to begin with. Kids rebelling with dance is a weak idea and just looks goofy on the screen.

Still waiting for Samsch to login so that we can play our slow game of the week. I guess we'll hook up tomorrow.