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Mar 3, 2013, 11:18 AM 0

3/2/13 Polgar 5334: 384, Chess School 1a: 600, Logical Chess: 7, Winning Chess: 60, B: Chap 5, GSCM: 120, PBC: 134 Silman Endgame: Completed Part 2, Mueller DVD: 2.6

Also went over the Scandavian Defense collection of games, that Attila sent to me, several times. What works well is the free Chessbase app on the iPad. It shows the annotations and allows you to easily play through the variations, indicating what move you're on with red highlighting. Overall it is really nice. It also gives you a Game Explorer type thing with candidate moves from the database and how often they were played. Other chess apps allow me to play throught the games in the database but either don't show the notes and variations or they do show them but give no indication what move you are on or if you are in the main line or variation. The Chessbase app has all that covered and gives you the Game Explorer type thing to boot.

This opening stuff is taking a while to learn. I need to come up with an efficient way to study and practice them so that they sink in. I am still sweating over the French and now I am swamped with the .

Another thing... ...I need to find another source of standard time control games, preferably something at the same time each week to bring me back to the Baton Rouge chess club days. The DHLC Quads is a major pain in the butt. After the tournament director pulled the dick move of nullifying my game with TheChessorcist because we just met online to play without formally establishing a time before Tuesday at midnight, I got to thinking how much of a hassle it is to schedule games with people. I guess I can't be too upset with the TD, he's most likely volunteering and I don't see what he gets out of it so if he is a stickler and throws the rule book at us it's okay. While The Chessorcist and I didn't formally post our game time we did have a gentlemen's agreement that we discussed in a chat after another game and we did get our game in before the deadline so I don't think that it would have killed him to excercise some judgement but the whole fiasco got me to thinking how the whole DHLC Quad is drag with games played on different days waiting for cats to respond etc.

I realized that I need a set time for a weekly standard time control game. So now I am on the lookout and in the meantime will try to play pickup games when it is convenient for me.

Either I'll try the local casual cafe club if they play slower paced games or look for online tournaments that are more structured. That way I'll always know when "chess night" is and will schedule around it.

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